Beginning a development decision we intend to carry through the life of our annual format, each year’s issue is uniquely titled and branded. Fiddleblack’s first annual edition is Apparitional Experience, scheduled for release fourth quarter this year. This novella-length book centers on different interpretations of a “ghost story without ghosts” theme. Contributors include a mix of previously featured Fiddleblack authors and literary folks directly solicited for the book.

Here’s a partial author list, excluding our contributing editors and others:

  • Adam S. Cantwell (A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night, Ex Occidente Press)
  • Kevin Catalano (The Word Made Flesh, firthFORTH Books)
  • Todd Grimson (Brand New Cherry Flavor, Harper Prism)
  • Daniel Roberts (Fortune Magazine)
  • Nicholas Rombes (Ramones, Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Andrew Gallix (3:AM Magazine & Press)

As tweeted, the book is in editing at the moment, with production beginning sometime next month. Parts of Apparitional Experience will be available online, with the physical whole to be offered in Fiddleblack’s forthcoming store.