It’s time again to call for submissions. We’re hunting for relevant contributions that are set in, or otherwise centered on, a suburban setting. For every antipastoral story that examines desolate, longtrailed rural beauty, there’s a need to look closely at the potential for aseity in all the less outlying white vinyl neighborhoods.

Further, we feel a suburban setting provides the optimal environment in which to consider concept horror. Life should feel metronomic in a suburb, and for many it probably still does. For others, it’s likely hard to ignore the new frequency of “for sale” signs, the shaded lots with unmowed grass, the stalled subdivision construction sites.

Fiddleblack #5 is planned for release in August. We’re already at work on the issue, alongside work on our first annual edition. Take a drive, reread your A.M. Homes and see what you can come up with.