Fiddleblack’s first annual edition, Apparitional Experience is now available through Fiddleblack. The book will also be available for both US and EU shoppers on in March. There’s much to be said (and seen) for this anthology. It’s the result of twelve writers’ hard work and dedication to our brand, and to their own voices and vehicles for transgressive exploration.

Readers can look forward to the following new stories by Fiddleblack-favorite authors previously published in our digital journal and elsewhere:

  1. “The Gorge” by John McManus
  2. “Settler’s Walk” by Mark Welborn
  3. “A Chocorua Funeral” by Joe Ricker
  4. “Home in Hard Country” by Charles Dodd White
  5. “No Place” by Elias Marsten
  6. “The Unreturned” by Kevin Catalano
  7. “The Messiah Detective Agency” by Nicholas Rombes
  8. “Alarms” by Daniel Roberts
  9. “The Curse of Desert and Flesh” by Adam S. Cantwell
  10. “Still” by Karin Anderson
  11. “I Crash Forever” by Todd Grimson
  12. “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” by Andrew Gallix

Be sure to visit the Apparitional Experience page to purchase a copy of the book, view the book’s trailer and read more about the work contained within it.