Planned for several months now, we’re announcing and unveiling our podcast series in a single update. Many authors, even more than you’ll hear in this first episode, have been working hard to read and record themselves at a most intimate distance from their work. To underscore the generous time-donations these authors have made, we’ve prepared Fiddleblack Episode #1 with great care, choosing three authors whose work may have graced you in the past months.

We begin with an episode subtitled “The Tug of Reversal.” Dane Elcar of Fiddleblack #6 reads first, perhaps alarming you with a very real dictation of a very real scenario that feels, fittingly, rather real. Kevin Catalano continues the episode with his entry from Fiddleblack Annual #1, “The Unreturned.” There’s a pattern here, you’ll see. Closing the episode is our frequent contributor Nicholas Rombes with a small and rather encapsulate excerpt from his Annual #1 story, “The Messiah Detective Agency.”

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