This week we continue our podcast series into its fifth episode: Ender. This episode is comprised of a single story, Shannon Perri’s “You Shouldn’t Have Gone to Mexico,” as read by its author and bookended with two new sound pieces crafted specifically for Shannon’s reading.

We’re quite proud of this episode—Shannon does a fantastic job evoking the Fiddleblack aesthetic, having submitted to our journal only once prior, before being warmly accepted with “Mexico.” The story will appear again at the release of our forthcoming digital issue, Fiddleblack #15.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks. We have a few exciting things happening, including the launch of two new press titles, including Karin Anderson’s long-awaited apostasy narrative, breach, and Mark Welborn’s antipastoral chapbook, Split Rail. It’s a lovely thing, so far now from Fiddleblack #1, to release titles by two authors nice enough to have stuck with us from the start.