Fiddleblack #15 is here, and we’re very pleased to state that its contents are resoundingly strong. This issue is in essence a precursor to our forthcoming Fiddleblack Annual #2: Nights Like These, which we’ve tentatively scheduled for a late March release. More on that soon.

Several of our regular contributors are joined in this issue by two unfamiliar names: Shannon Perri brings a country song gone awry in “You Shouldn’t Have Gone to Mexico,” which she deftly read for our podcast late last year. (See Fiddleblack Episode #5.) And Patrick Falconi, joins us with his moss-worn landscape, “The Shallow Depths.”

Gillian Morrison adds body to an undefined third of our thematic makeup [depressionism] in “Pin Bones.” Dane Elcar explores memory in a dusty apartment  in “Watching for Submarines,” and Elias Marsten shifts from his usual fixation on violence to transgressive comedy in “An Excerpt or an Old Wives’ Tale.”

Finally, we’re featuring Karin Anderson’s excellent Mormon narrative “Hospice.” We recently published Karin Anderson’s book breach, and while “Hospice” is an excerpt from that larger work, it’s likewise a perfect standalone. Brush up on Latter-day Saints’ definitions of fetishism, voyeurism, and masturbation in this story, then pick up a copy of breach from us or Amazon if you haven’t done so already. Karin will be reading from breach at a Saranac Review event during AWP 2014. Make sure to stop by and listen if you’re attending!