Our latest episode of the Fiddleblack podcast features two stories by authors cut, some may say, from a very similar cloth. Before we get into the details of which, we have a few project updates: Charles Dodd White’s antipastoral novel A Shelter of Others is arriving on June 6, and prior to that, one week from today, we’re releasing Fiddleblack #16. Meanwhile, Fiddleblack Annual #2: Nights Like These is still in development and a rescheduled release is planned for later this season.

Fiddleblack Episode #6 features voice actor Geoffrey H. Goodwin reading the Nick Mamatas story “Hideous Interview with Brief Man,” which we previously published in Fiddleblack #8. Later and mostly awash with sustained metallic drones is a Thomas Ligotti reading performed by Adam S. Cantwell. Ligotti’s brief piece, “New Faces in the City” is an appropriately brilliant, glum pairing to this episode’s theme.

Thomas Ligotti has been featured quite a bit in the press recently. His influence on HBO drama True Detective was confirmed in a February article in the Wall Street Journal by series writer Nic Pizzolatto.

On a technical note, we’re probably going to deprecate Soundcloud support for future podcast episodes unless there’s a significant demand to operate otherwise. It’s a pricey service for longform audio, especially when the social aspects seem terribly underused for this outlet. iTunes subscriptions are still, of course, your source for podcast audio.