Here and now is Fiddleblack #16, second release in our three weeks of new content and a welcome and porous milestone. We return with several returning authors and sit on the precipice of a new book release scheduled for this time next week. If you have not yet had the chance, take a moment to watch the trailer for Charles Dodd White’s upcoming stunning antipastoral novel, A Shelter of Others.

For this week, we have a grim batch that includes a new trio of poems from Brian Kubarycz, whom we previously published in Fiddleblack #4. Matthew Jakubowski graces us again with an excellent short story titled (pleasantly long-winded, mellifluous and symmetrical), “Shortening the Sickle to Shame the Scythe.” Should you skip any story in this issue, do not skip Matthew’s. We praise his very modern austerity.

But don’t skip any. This is a good one. When you’re done, celebrate Lovecraft and Ligotti and the Yellow King in Fiddleblack Episode #6, available now via iTunes.