We’ve crossed some distance between last August’s issue and today, including the release of our first audiobook and our second annual print edition. We’re now on the cusp of releasing our second audiobook, a little novel titled Above All Men written by Eric Shonkwiler and read by community contributor Dane Elcar.

Now we’re eighteen issues in, a long way from inception in 2010 and initial release in September 2011. There’s no need to stop and celebrate and pat ourselves on the back. This is a mission. Art is permanent, and no one can take it from you. We’re here to uphold that law for as long as the walls will stand.

Standing with us are six contributors this issue. We touch on all of the right things: masturbation, corpse identification, strippers, Mexican restaurants, a goatman, and a moral eclipse.

It’s a good issue. Have a drink and read it.