Surprise. You see something, a vision in the snow. You can hear it.

Thanks to the hard work of Dane Elcar, we’re releasing Fiddleblack Episode #7 today. Dane worked to narrate, record, and produce this episode, centering its content on his recently released John McManus audio book, Stop Breakin Down. Here, Dane reads the eponymous story in full. It’s essential antipastoral reading, if you haven’t listened already.

There’s a bright podcast schedule populating over the next few months. We hope to release content involving several community contributors, including Nicholas Rombes, Eric Shonkwiler, and Alison Nastasi. Subscribe on iTunes and tell all your friends!

Second to Episode #7, another bit of Fiddleblack audio content was released last weekend by the Black Hill Press folks running the brilliant creative study, “The How, The Why.” Host Jon-Barrett Ingels talks with Fiddleblack editor Jason Cook on the evolution of publishing, Fiddleblack’s origin, and more.