A while back we tried to spell out our mission clearly. This statement is probably clearer though, as technically unrelated to our work as its intended meaning is. Musician Dominick Fernow articulates part of his own work’s objective. But he’s managed to indirectly lend a better level of definition to our “sense of place” mantra by better defining “atmosphere” in terms of art.

“One of the things I always loved about the true crime books is those little details of the investigations. In the JonBenét Ramsey story there’s been this debate about a spider web, and whether or not the killer could have exited the basement and broken a spider web. They’ve had experts come in and argue about whether spiders that were indigenous to that region could have spun a web, had it broken and then respun it in time for the police to discover it in a photograph. That’s so much more interesting to me than the gory details. It’s everything that surrounds the event. It’s never been direct. That’s how you have an atmosphere I think.”

Via http://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2015/05/dominick-fernow-and-william-bennett-a-conversation.