We’ve teased things a bit over email and social media throughout the past several weeks, beginning with a subtle hint that turned out to be something wonderful:

You won't believe what @daneelcar has been up to. #literature #fiction #doom

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Fiddleblack author and all-around good guy Dane Elcar has been working diligently for the good cause of translating Charles Dodd White’s spectacular 2014 novel ‘A Shelter of Others’ into different media, starting, of course, with a trailer intended for a faux film. We ran this teaser on social media:

Surprise coming from Charles Dodd White and @daneelcar #fiction #literature #doom

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Dane ran another version on Twitter:

And not long after, we debuted the full trailer to our email subscribers and Facebook followers:

Recently, author David Joy said nice things about us and all of the work Dane has put into the project so far:

Fiddleblack is doing a whole lot of cool things, one being this audio edition of one of the best novels from last year,…

Posted by David Joy on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We’re not quite ready to release the next step in this project, but we’re certain that you’ll enjoy it. ‘A Shelter of Others’ will live on as a one-man podcast in the vein of Sarah Koenig’s tremendously successful ‘Serial,’ which we’ll release via iTunes, Soundcloud and all of the regular places.

There’s so much more to come, really. Next year is going to be a different one for Fiddleblack. But it’s going to be good.

Right now and for the duration of the podcast, there’s a page available for those who are interested in supporting Dane as an artist. Fiddleblack has no monetary involvement in the podcast and instead prefers to let interested folks donate directly to the producer with no middleman whatsoever. If you’re interested in helping out, visit this address and share it with your friends: https://fiddleblack.org/shelter.

And for now, follow us and follow @ShelterofOthers to keep up to date.