Well it’s been a long time coming, but we’re now releasing our prized collaboration with filmmaker (and Session 9 actor [!!]) Larry Fessenden. It’s called Sudden Storm: A Wendigo Reader and it features work from many different writers and artists, all beguiled us into believing in the power of this Wendigo thing. Strangely, they’re probably succeeding.

The book’s thirteen essays explore Wendigo mythology from a cryptozoological point of view, where the being has been portrayed as a ferocious yeti-like monster, a half man-half stag creature, a troll or the wind itself.

In a pretty cool turn of events the venerably showy Entertainment Weekly broke the news for us, citing bits of conversation with Fessenden and revealing some of the books awesome artwork. Check out their piece here.

Update: RogerEbert.com also published a piece on the book. They interview Fessenden in depth! Read here.

There’s plenty more artwork too. The collection features full-color pieces by prominent horror and industry illustrators, bringing many iterations of the elusive creature to the page, implicitly posing the question: How do we conceptualize both the malevolent and benevolent aspects of the Wendigo?

We’re working some reviews and features to surround the book, and we’re selling copies directly on our website or through Amazon.com.

Check it out. It’s a fun read for monster and horror fans, Fessenden fans and people that like pop-culture things. In fact, there’s probably not another cool book dedicated to the subject.