We have something new for you.

Dane Elcar has been working for many, many months on a narration of Charles Dodd White’s rather antipastoral novel A Shelter of Others (Fiddleblack, 2014).

This is a little more than an audiobook, so we’re not treating it like one. For the rest of the summer, we’re releasing an episode every Friday.

See the film trailer Dane produced as a teaser for this audio book and released in 2015

You can grab each episode in the format of your choosing by visiting our Bandcamp page. Each episode is only $2 to fund the artist; Fiddleblack is keeping none of the money.

We have a short list of folks to thank for this project. You’ll hear it eventually if you listen. If not, here’s the list in full:

Podcast dedicated to Ethan Tichenor White
Original work by Charles Dodd White
Narration by by Dane Elcar
Production by Dane Elcar
Artwork by Fiddleblack
Fiddle played by Silas Robinson
Guitar and banjo played by Nick Breza
Guitar outro played by Josh Mckown
Long outro played by The Saddest Landscape