The Blindness That All Honest Travelers Share

“Charles Dodd White’s writing is dark, gothic and steeped in a voice that is all his own. A Shelter of Others confronts what it means to be human.” — Frank Bill, author of Donnybrook

“It would be easy to draw comparisons to Harry Crews, Ron Rash, or James Salter, but to do so would overlook a voice uniquely his own. Charles Dodd White whittles language down to its most beautiful form. His prose has been pared to poetry. Simple as that.” — David Joy, author of Where All Light Tends to Go

“We see, in White’s words, an expression of the harsh beauty that is Sanction County. Line after line encapsulates the stories of love and dedication, passion and loss, first pulling readers in, and then pulling them along right until the very last page.” — Sam Slaughter for the Southern Literary Review

“Charles Dodd White is one of the best young writers at work today, and A Shelter of Others is his best book yet, a quiet masterpiece in the tradition of Ron Rash and Daniel Woodrell.” — Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk

“White masterfully depicts the dark, inner lives of broken characters&.” — Denton Loving for PANK Magazine

“The sky was large, impossibly distant, fragile. No life but the long and fretful walk together, the coming of further distance, pointing toward nothing she could name. The blindness that all honest travelers share.”

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‘A Shelter of Others’ by Charles Dodd White from Fiddleblack on Vimeo.