The Point of the Mountain

The Andersons are a hardtack sort, built from gravel and loam and the echoes of Brigham Young’s voice shot out from the canyons. But the sermons do not land clearly.

breach by Karin Anderson from Fiddleblack on Vimeo.

Instead we watch as Karin vacillates between intellectual and pioneer woman, Latter-day Saint and woman veering toward outer darkness. She marries and starts a family. With her husband growing more and more distant, even perversely hostile, they tumble together, wits against arms, for a better foothold at the base of the Wasatch Range.

This book is a lineage. Her own cosmology at risk, she is begat again, thrust up through the arid mantle beneath the Great Salt Lake and splined up and across the big sky as a woman and a mother and a careful being who is simply flying into the wreckage.

Read an excerpt from breach.