It Was Never There

Nights Like These is the second volume in Fiddleblack’s Annual series. We released our first annual edition in February of 2013 and we’re continuing that tradition (a little later now) with a collection of smart new work by eleven brilliant, generous authors. For each story, these authors have captured what it means to truly know the self at night.

Fiddleblack Annual #2: Nights Like These from Fiddleblack on Vimeo.

There are participants, bystanders, conversations left unsaid. There is an absence of light. There is a short panic when you see the time on the clock. There are many untested moments in time.

Fiddleblack Annual#2: Nights Like These is a brief encapsulation of all the anxiety and effort required to push through a short eight hours and rise again to be a person.

Learn to let go from the following contributors:

  • Justin Thurman
  • Michael Walsh
  • Kevin Catalano
  • Gillian Morrison
  • Dane Elcar
  • Karin Anderson
  • Shannon Perri
  • John McManus
  • Todd Grimson
  • Matthew Jakubowski
  • Elias Marsten

Note: 11/28 orders for this book are shipping no sooner than 12/8.