In which we consider neighbors of all kinds, mostly in cities where the hot weather has expanded the floorboards and brought a certain stink, and wherein we still remember that at night we are alone and that, surely, no one else is there.

Track List

Fiddleblack: Intro - 0:00
Fiddleblack: Density Field Reversed - 1:15
"For Eileen" by Alison Nastasi & Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) - 7:00
Fiddleblack: Carraday's Backpack - 11:59
"The Spectral Estate" by Thomas Ligotti as read by Adam S. Cantwell - 17:04
Fiddleblack: Study at the Quay - 25:37
"Remember the Bridge" by Eric Van Hoose - 27:52
Fiddleblack: Much Deeper in the Rain - 37:08