In an ongoing effort to support our authors’ work beyond the Fiddleblack realm, and perhaps to model a real-deal academic institution, it’s time we begin a post series to illustrate who’s releasing what.

  • Todd Grimson: Mr. Grimson’s collection of thirteen short stories, Stabs at Happiness, celebrates “sometimes tragic, sometimes darkly comic or surreal stories […] populated by desperate vagabonds, prostitutes, explorers, gangsters, transvestites, starlets and others on the run or at the end of the line.” Stabs is available now from Schaffer Press. Mr. Grimson’s story “The Cornfield” is available in Fiddleblack #4, and his lovely three-part flash piece “I Crash Forever” is forthcoming in Fiddleblack Annual #1: Apparitional Experience.
  • Eric Bosse: Mr. Bosse, a newcomer to us whose fantastic bondage story “The Master of Submission” is forthcoming in Fiddleblack #7, has a collection of stories out from Ravenna Press Books. The collection, Magnificent Mistakes, is available from the publisher and Amazon.
  • Nicholas Rombes: Company favorite Nicholas Rombes (published in Fiddleblack #2, Fiddleblack #6, and forthcoming in Fiddleblack Annual #1: Apparitional Experience) is celebrating the Spanish translation and publication of his brilliant film-study series “The Blue Velvet Project” based on 152 stills from David Lynch’s classic. Mr. Rombes’ book is the sole winner of Argentinian film festival Mar Del Plata’s annual selection of publication.

Congratulations, folks.