Fiddleblack’s literary journal has operated since 2010 with a distinct focus on written works, mainly fiction, with a strong “sense of place.” Our ISSN is 2161-7295.

The journal is published irregularly, usually amounting to three to four issues per year. While we have no specific genre or stylistic requirement, we tend to publish works of fiction that are transgressive at heart. We accept a small amount of submissions out of many.

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Journal Issues

Fiddleblack #18

In which we learn that one bite can take off your whole arm, and wherein we comprehend our love for fast food and stewardesses.

Published 01-27-2015

Fiddleblack #17

In which we brush up against a shark while watching lights in the sky, and wherein we finally meet one of the founders of the system.

Published 08-25-2014

Fiddleblack #8

In which all is ruined and nothing is well, and wherein we interview a brief man and glimpse our true cosmology via deviance.

Published 02-20-2013

Fiddleblack #6

In which we see men go through different kinds of love, and wherein we see a man go missing forever and a long way from home.

Published 11-15-2012