Fiddleblack #13 has arrived, completing our three-part publication series of Eric Shonkwiler’s novella Rene. In addition to new fiction by contributing editor Michael Walsh. we’ve also included many new Fiddleblack authors in this issue.

Join us for a little vandal hunting in Michael Walsh’s “Trespassers” and fuck-up regret in Elias Marsten’s “Hell Is Other Possibilities.”¬†Proceed to Matthew Jakubowski’s myxomatosis-laden “Dignity and the Will to Accept Fate” (perhaps read with the rabbit-fever Radiohead song playing), and consider yourself in a Cracker Barrel for Emily Koon’s lovely “Quantum Tentacles.”¬†Before concluding where we left off last month in “Rene Part 3,” Adam Morris shows us “The Editor” and in doing so we learn what must always be done with Adonises.