And lo, the book. Here it is.

We’ve just released our Clive Barker book, Cabal & Other Annotations. This one’s been nearly two years in the making, and we’re just so proud to share it with you. It’s been a long road that could not have been traveled without the help of a few folks that share our passion for Barker’s work. You can read (and possibly feel) these folks’ passion if you purchase a copy. Let’s nod to Eugene Thacker, High Priest Peter H. Gilmore, John McManus (our own contributing editor), Nicholas Vince, Phil & Sarah Stokes, and Mark Miller, vice president of Barker’s Seraphim Films.

It’s a lovingly designed book, built with care and respect for the work—for Barker’s legacy as a pillar of horror. So much so, we think, that you’ll probably learn something from this one. That may be about Baphomet (from the Satanists of all Satanists in vivo), friendship, or the resurrection of a lost love (not Boone’s—all of ours, for the soon-to-be-seen rerelease of Nightbreed). You may simply learn the beauty of Barker’s work.

If you haven’t already, take a look over at our press page. You’ll see.