Of All the Rash and Midnight Promises Made

In celebration of a cornerstone of dark fantasy nearly thirty years in publication, Clive Barker’s novella Cabal has returned in a limited edition, uniquely “annotated” format. The book, a gorgeously designed hardcover with artwork by Barker himself, features new content to the original monstrous text. Here, Barker’s brilliant tale of Midian is forefronted by a collection of annotative essays from a panel of intellectual supporters.

Cabal & Other Annotations by Clive Barker from Fiddleblack on Vimeo.

Philosopher/Professor Eugene Thacker prefaces the book, providing a clear context for Cabal’s legacy in horror history and setting the tone for the essay collection, while the Church of Satan’s High Priest Peter H. Gilmore offers a necessary investigation of Cabal’s Satanic symbology. Southern Gothic author John McManus contributes notes on the novella’s subtext alongside a loving and first-hand reflection of Clive Barker from legendary “man behind the mask” Nicholas Vince who played the Chatterer in the Hellraiser film series. Official Barker archivists Phil & Sarah Stokes and Seraphim Films Vice President Mark Miller both contribute as close-to-the-fold authorities on Barker’s ultimate vision for Cabal.

And throughout this edition thought clouds pulled from Eugene Thacker’s preface are floated as endnotes on a classic, closing the book with more than thirty densely written interpretations and explanations of Barker’s black magic thinking within the story.

Bound together as a definitive edition of Clive Barker’s groundbreaking who’s-who among monsters (and men), Cabal & Other Annotations is truly a must-have version of the title for Barker fans, dark fantasy readers, and new media thinkers alike.

This is a limited-edition text that will not be reprinted. Each book comes wrapped in black, hand-numbered, and bespelled with decades of blood-into-ink horror influence.