As a Small Press

Fiddleblack is a publisher and web-based distributor of unique underground literature. We oversee the production of books (mostly trade paperbacks) on a small scale, and with authors of the highest creative ability and intellectual rank. Many of our books are not available elsewhere, while some are reprints introduced back to the market with new content for dedicated fans. Our agenda is always to capture and record fiction of a certain caliber, and we place a primary interest in work able to give strong existential consideration of self and place.

In addition to the novels, chapbooks and collections we publish, once yearly we release something of a print edition of our digital journal. This book is very much an anthology of fiction collected from writers with whom we’ve worked in the past, or those who may have been invited by Fiddleblack editors. Each annual book has a certain interpretable theme, and it’s the duty of each writer to deconstruct and investigate that theme.

If you’d like to see your next book published by Fiddleblack, consider submitting your work to our digital journal. We do not consider unsolicited submissions to our small press.

Upcoming Titles

  • Fiddeblack Annual #2: Nights Like These (April 2014)
  • A Shelter of Others by Charles Dodd White (June 2014)
  • An audiobook from John McManus and Dane Elcar
  • A novel from Joe Ricker

Our Books

  • Split Rail: Channeling introspective ideas surrounding temporary habitation and displacement in a diminished environment, Mark Welborn’s ‘Split Rail’ is a chapbook of many paeans to a boy’s heart aged. It is a literal wish, something marked with hand scrawled pentacles on every other page.

  • breach: ‘breach’ is the story of Mormon apostate Karin Anderson. Anderson lays bare the foundations of family and marriage beneath the beautiful tarnish of Utahan history. With perfect deliberation she tells of the man and woman who begat her, the tougher generations before them, and the basis for her own human singularity.

  • Cabal & Other Annotations: Cabal is the story of Boone. It's the story of man, monster. Of, as its opening tells, all the rash and midnight promises made. In this dazzling, classic novella we watch as an absconder's plan quietly to disappear down into the soft moss and trees of the Canadian wilderness is interrupted at its core: the derelict hell-place in which he's chosen to hide, a necropolis called Midian, is not entirely abandoned at all. The last great unknown things of the world—the Nightbreed—crawl amongst the rubble. Still on the lam, Boone finds himself trapped among monsters. And they come from all directions.

  • Fiddleblack Annual #1: Apparitional Experience: A response to the idea of "ghost stories without ghosts," this anthology includes stories by John McManus, Todd Grimson, Andrew Gallix and other authors familiar to fans of Fiddleblack's hard-to-parse self-definitions (antipastoralism and concept horror). The collection's twelve stories are nothing if not equally enunciative, atmospheric and carved sharply into floorboards and muck-spattered glass. No, there's nary an actual ghost involved, but this work is clearly haunted.

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